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  • PGS Proficiency Stage Performance Audit

  • Special RAC meeting with the RCDS, PSSUPT Emmanuel Peralta

  • Oath Taking of the New RAC Members

  • RAC Meeting at the PROCOR Conference Room

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The PNP Patrol Plan 2030

The PNP experienced a lot of birth pains and by the turn of the millennium, various national perception surveys showed that the organization is among the most corrupt government agencies in the country.

PROCOR Charter Statement

The PNP has chosen to highlight four (4) Perspectives considered to bring about the principal outcome in the process of realizing its vision by 2030.


The Police Regional Office Cordillera has taken a serious lead in the attainment of its Charter Statement which reflects its vision: a highly capable, effective and credible Police Regional Office.

Chairman's Message

In behalf of the members of the PROCOR-RAC, we feel proud to be part of this noble advocacy and to contribute to the long desired transformation of the PNP towards the attainment of a community that is safer place to live, work and do business.  This endeavor is indeed in line with the common aspiration of each PROCOR-RAC member to make impact to the community and be able to contribute in its advancement.

We likewise extend our warm appreciation for giving the stakeholders a voice in the PNP transformation. This is a manifestation of the good working relationship between the police and all sectors of the society. As chairman of the PROCOR-RAC, I am a witness to the successful realization of law enforcement goals through the effective collaboration of Police Regional Office Cordillera and the Regional Advisory Council, the other members of the advisory councils at the lower level of governance and other stakeholders.

The PROCOR-RAC salutes the strong men and women behind the PROCOR seal with their notable accomplishments in the implementation of the PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan 2030. It is a manifestation of an efficient leadership and effective strategic management. Garnering gold and silver eagle awards successively exemplify their excellence in the performance of their mandated duty.

PROCOR has been recognized as a model regional office on the bases of the degree of discipline, dedication to work, and selfless service portrayed by its personnel in all fields of police service. The foregoing virtues shared between PROCOR and the PROCOR-RAC make us perfect partners and example of a passionate and dedicated seekers of excellence and continuous advancement. PROCOR’s recognition of its need to have stakeholders on its side prompted it to reach out to RAC while the latter’s advocacy for public service prompted its current and previous members to volunteer their service to assist the former.

For half a decade since its creation in 2012, the dedication among RAC members still burns with the desire to make an impact to the community. Our recognition as an Outstanding Regional Advisory Council throughout the country in 2016 proves each and every members commitment to the ultimate objective of this organization. It was a recognition of the collective efforts of the former and current members of the council who relentlessly seek to help PROCOR in every opportunity possible.

Numerous they may be, our awards and recognitions however will not make us complaisant to further the objective of this body. The passion and dedication to make a better Cordillera, will always be our shared commitment. We will work hand and hand with PROCOR in the realization of its vision to attain a fully transformed police service by 2030.



Chairman, PROCOR RAC