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  • 14th RAC Meeting

  • Oath taking of the new RAC members

  • RAC meeting at the PROCOR Conference Room

  • 1st PGS Bootcamp

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The PNP Patrol Plan 2030

The PNP experienced a lot of birth pains and by the turn of the millennium, various national perception surveys showed that the organization is among the most corrupt government agencies in the country.

PROCOR Charter Statement

The PNP has chosen to highlight four (4) Perspectives considered to bring about the principal outcome in the process of realizing its vision by 2030.


The Police Regional Office Cordillera has taken a serious lead in the attainment of its Charter Statement which reflects its vision: a highly capable, effective and credible Police Regional Office.

Chairman's Message

From the highland Province of Benguet, we proudly extend our warm felicitations to the Philippine National Police for giving the stakeholders a voice in the PNP transformation. This is a manifestation of the good working relationship between the police and all sectors of the society. As chairman of the PRO COR Regional Advisory Council, I am a witness to the successful realization of law enforcement goals through the effective collaboration of Police Regional Office Cordillera and the Regional Advisory Council, the other members of the advisory councils at the lower level of governance and other stakeholders.

The Cordillera Administrative Region is full of opportunities. It is rich in natural resources and a prime tourist destination and as the PRO COR hymn proudly declares, "a cradle of noble people and rich in culture and unfading arts''. But these opportunities may fade away if all sectors of society including the Police Regional Office Cordillera will not work han in hand to ensure a safe and secured, environment friendly, human rights based, and sustainable approach to development. Indeed, a crime free, peaceful and secured society is a major pillar of progress and prosperity.

It is also with a deep sense of pride that we take note of the fast-paced implementation of PNP PATROL PLAN 2030 in the Police Regional Office Cordillera-manifested by its six police provincial offices, one city police office, and the regional headquarters, having successfully hurdled the tough PGS 'Initiation Stage'. The PRO COR and Abra PPO even outwitted other police units for being Gold Eagle Awardees.

As PRO COR, applies for PGS "Compliance Stage" Certification, we are very optimistic that with the very active and committed support demonstrated by all its members, the Regional Advisory Council, institutional partners, and other stakeholders, it will once again carry the day through. With a solid Team PRO COR that is working tirelessly, all Cordillerans are assured of their safety and security.

As Chairman of the Regional Advisory Council and the Chief Executive of the Province of Benguet, I am proud to be part of this transformation process. We will continue to do so through our material and non-material contributions to hasten the realization, by the Police Regional Office Cordillera, of a region that is a safe place to live, work and do business.

Benguet Provincial Governor
Chairman, Regional Advisory Council